I need help! I have a 3 month old son who will only take 3 oz max every feed and when he has had enough will shut his mouth, turn his head and refuse anymore and cannot be forced to eat. He had thrush when he was 3 weeks old and it had quite a grip but that had gone now. He has been put on nutramagen milk from the doctor and is having blood tests every 3 weeks because he has a poor immune system. Recently I have been to the doctor to suggest reflux and they gave me gaveston but this has made no difference. I feel like I have actually lost the plot and my health visitor is a waste of space. She suggested that the 3 month old was playing me up and that his father should try feeding him instead. Which made me feel like I was failing to feed my own son. Someone please help. I wanted to try and wean him or put a little rice into his bottle but again HV said under no circumstances should I try because his tummy wasn't ready. My husband will not let me try now because he is scared. I have also gone down the route of teething and I am putting bonjela on his gums (just incase) but this is not helping.HELP DOES ANYONE KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH HIM!!!

asked 15 Dec '10, 07:53

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Rebecca Davies
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Hi, Rebecca. Are you concerned that he's not getting enough to eat, or does he eat many times, but only a little each time? How has his growth been tracking? Is he or was he breastfed? I would tend to agree with the HV, based on what I've read about digestive system development, that you should wait before introducing any food other than breast milk or formula milk.

(15 Dec '10, 17:53) Scottie T

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(06 Oct '11, 19:30) Scott ♦♦

I think that Scottie s comment more or less says what I would say. Not meaning to sound at all condescending but, how are you coping with the whole feeding process, could it be that you are not relaxed enough? I understand your concerns fully and am sure that you are doing or coping as best you can, but is there anyway you could relax more perhaps. I don't think that you have lost the 'plot' as you say but I think that you could be panicking a little maybe. I wasn't born a seasoned mother & when my daughter was born I felt scared and panicked in the first few months, I kept thinking this shouldn't be feeling so hard and with time I loosened up. That also helped the breastfeeding tremendously...because on many occasions my mother in law ( who meant well ) would make me feel like the baby wasn't feeding enough, and that I wasn't breastfeeding the way I ought to have been.

My advice would be to really try and relax and if his weight and growth is on track just stick to breastfeeding and the nutramagen prescribed by your doctor, and maybe the amounts of feed will increase. Also I remember that on occassions when my daughter breastfed very quickly she would seem to tire quickly and feel full at the same time, and looking back with hindsight I realize that when she was hungry she would let me know, and when she no longer wasn't she would also let me know. Keep positive and best of luck.


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