Our boy is crazy about cars in any shape and form. He's also very much into remote controls and gadgets in general. Would it be too early to get him a remote control car?

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Rich Seller

Here is what happened when we celebrated our second Christmas with our daughter,(she was 18 months at the time) my husband purchased one of those nice looking remote controlled cars. A nice red one(Nikko), with a big(ish) looking remote. Although he said he had bought it so that they could play together, deep down I know that he had a long lost desire to own one of those cars :)

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So what happened was, they did play with it together from time to time, and because it was supervised playing, (I can recall that she would crawl,walk and attempt to run after the car and follow it trying to catch it while my husband steered it around. It didn't get broken and Hubby got to enjoy playing with his "toy". We still have the car, and it comes out occasionally and (still in great working order) they enjoy it together. If you ask me whether being exposed to a toy like that a such a young age was good, I would say "yes", but each child is very different and develops differently. If you have the time to spare and to play together with your son, and if he is as keen as you say, then you could give it ago.

I just searched for Nikko on the internet and it turns out that Nikko Radio Control Cars has a really great selection of those cars, for younger children too, (maybe they just weren't available where we live :))

If you do decide to go for a slightly bigger model I would really insist that you only use the "toy car/gadget" when together, because the car that you choose may only be suitable for older children and have small parts that if broke off could be easily swallowed and therefore be dangerous.


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+1 for acknowledging that at this age, it's really more a toy for the parent. The kid won't learn how to drive/steer/control it for a few more years to come. But if you can keep it safe til then, it will provide years of fun!

(16 Dec '10, 13:39) Melanie

Another option is a remote control train.see here, you would have to get some track as well if you don't have any. My two year old nephew and my 4 year son are both getting these. Our friends have them and their young son has played with one since he was under two,without damaging it. The fragile bit is the join between train and carriage but the remote is really sturdy. The good thing is that they only have to make them go forward and back so is a good way to learn about using the remote control.


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We have a Sesame Street remote control train. It's sturdy and goes in a small oval. My 17 month old likes watching her big sister control it.

(17 Dec '10, 02:34) Phil

It's probably a little young to get him a remote control car, but what a kick he'd get out of just watching the car being controlled by an adult or older sibling. My son is 3 and got two remote control cars for his birthday and absolutely loves crashing them into blocks and running over our toes. The good thing, for us at least, is that at 3 he can totally understand (but not always follow!) rules about the toy. That is, it can get tangled in your hair! At 15 months, he might put the car on his head or someone else's . . . OUCH!


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