My daughter was doing really well eating her whole lunch at school until a few days ago. Then she starts coming home from school with just a few bites out of her sandwich. Her dad talked with her about it on the way to school today. Yet when she got home she said that she didn't have time to finish her sandwich because people were talking to her.

How do I get her to eat her lunches again when I'm not there to remind her to eat?

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When we were growing up, my sister was not particularly interested in eating and my mom had to come up with a variety of different techniques to spark her appetite. This is what I remember:

  • For lunches, there was a period of time all my sister's lunch bags had some kind of drawing on it or "special note" inside it.
  • Sometimes the sandwiches themselves were decorated. A peanut butter sandwich might have two raisins toothpicked in for the eyes and a jelly smile underneath.
  • We had tupperware sandwich containers and my mom would put a sticker on the bottom so you had to take the sandwich out to get it
  • My mom loved to experiment with what we thought were very unusual food combos. The thing I remember the most were these slices of bologna rolled around cream cheese. Those were my sister's favorites.

My two-year-old is also like this so I'm expecting to be doing the same thing one day...


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