A friend shared a link with me that made me laugh and sigh at the same time, it also inspired me to ask the above community wiki question.

Here is the site, I hope it amuses you a little too.

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asked 20 Dec '10, 08:30

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I had this wonderful hair pick/comb thing that I used EVERY DAY until my son played with it and managed to stick it into the gap between my sliding closet door and the pocket in the wall that encloses it. I guess it's gone for good, unless we do some MAJOR renovations!

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answered 20 Dec '10, 14:03

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Well there was the stressful day when my 2yo helped himself to my chocolate stash.

He also has a thing for using unwrapped sticks of butter for building blocks.

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answered 21 Dec '10, 00:29

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Actually, there are a number of important things that I have which my 1 year and 10 month old son ruined and or broke. From my favorite cup, a bottle of perfume his dad gave me, my earrings which he unintentionally pull and so on. My son is tall, super active, and he grabs anything he can hold and then throws them. Whenever I keep things out of reach, he can always find a way to reach it, either he will pull a chair, or when I'm holding him, his hands is so fast in reaching out things that he can grab. It's really a tough job being a mom, but I'm thankful to God for giving him to me. :)


answered 20 Dec '12, 18:42

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