For my twin parents out there:

One of my 22 month old twin boys has just started to jump out of his crib to the point where he hasn't had a nap in a week as he would rather run around his room and keep his brother awake. We would like to transition him to a toddler bed (the front rail of his crib comes off to make a daybed), but we are concerned whether this will encourage him to play rather than sleep (and keep his brother up at the same time). He has never gone to bed or napped without first screaming in his bed for a few minutes or longer (he just hates going to bed). His brother, on the other hand, is perfectly content in his crib, goes to bed/nap without a peep and just plays quietly in his bed until he falls asleep.

So, my question is: Do I transition both boys into toddler beds at the same time? Or do I move one boy and then the other? And any extra advice how to handle this?

asked 20 Dec '10, 14:09

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Shannon B
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Is it possible to move them to separate rooms or to stagger their nap times?

(21 Dec '10, 03:47) mkcoehoorn

Separate room is not really possible, but I could stagger their naps.

(21 Dec '10, 05:41) Shannon B

Disclaimer: I don't have twins

I'm wondering if this problem might have more to do with a readiness on the part of your running-around son to give up his nap, than with the need to transition him to a different bed? Do you have the same problems at bedtime as well?

(22 Dec '10, 17:03) Melanie

Hello there, I am searching the internet for answers & came across your post. We are going through the EXACT same dilemma! On Christmas Night our 26 mth old twin boy escaped from his crib & repeated it a million times over with gleeful delight. His sister remained asleep. However now, he will not let her sleep as he is roaming around all over the place, nap time & bed-time. (no nap for 2 days now but clearly over-tired & cranky) She is jealous as she is confined to her crib (she is 75% the way out over the top so we are trying to hold on & tackle our boy first...not sure if this is the right thing to do?) My husband & I work opposite shifts so we are home alone for sleep routines. We have tried everything, positive reiforcement, threats, bribery & we even put locks on all doors / drawers etc The outcome is that he just jumps on his toddler bed (just converted crib) until he finally passes out after 10pm. Impossible to stagger naps / bed-times. We have no other bedroom to separate them. have you discovered any special tricks??/ Do you have any advice based on what you have learned with your children? Is it easier now??? Thanks for reading this & for any advice / help that you can offer.


answered 30 Dec '10, 03:50

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Glad to hear I'm not the only one having troubles. We discovered that my son has been using a piece of furniture as a half way point to dropping to the floor. We ended up rearranging the furniture in their room so now he's too scared to drop to the floor and he just stays in his crib. Temporary solution for now. I did talk to another mom with 30 mth old twins and she told me that she transitioned them one at a time to their toddler beds, but she also had to lay down with them to keep them in their beds. So the search is still on for more ideas. Good Luck on your transition!

(04 Jan '11, 03:32) Shannon B

Okay, i have 28 month old boy girl twins. she was sitting on top of the changing table fully dressed on day when she was supposed to be sleeping. We rearranged their room so she couldn't get out. My husband was really excitied to get them into the day bed from the cribs. they have been good for about a week now, the last 2 days, its chaos. I have tried different things but tonight my husband turned her 'bed' around to block her in to the bed. You see she is the one who gets up> mt son is just happy as a clam to lie in bed and go to sleep. As for the staggering of naps...I don't know about you but....oh no! I like having nap time to my self. Yes it would be great 1 on 1 time but lets be real here. Mommies of twins (and singletons) ...we need our time to! The turning of the bed thing worked great, I think she even wanted it. I was reading that you have to let them know that they can not get out with out permission. Good Luck!!!


answered 14 Jan '11, 01:11

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Polly W
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