My daughter just started daycare a week ago she is 2 years old and she loved the first week. This week she has cried and thrown a fit everytime we have dropped her off. How long can this last? Will she stop and what can my husband and I do to help?

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Ask at the daycare - does she keep crying after you leave or is it just for your benefit that she is throwing a fit? Separation anxiety is normal and common, and if she is stopping her crying shortly after you leave (which she probably is), then it's probably just a phase that she is going through.

Of course, one thing that you will come to learn if you don't already know, is that daycares, despite all the cleaning in the world, are cesspools of kid germs, and it's also quite possible that your daughter is coming down with something and as such is not feeling quite like herself (and hence is more clingy/crying). If this is the case you'll know before too long if more symptoms of illness arise.

We benefited from having a "separation ritual" at my son's daycare (he was 3 and a half and having some separation issues), where we do our little hugs and kisses routine, but then he waves bye bye and gives his daycare provider hugs and kisses instead while I leave. He transitions pretty well these days so I think it's safe to say that's working. Not sure if a 2 yr old would be able to understand enough to start a ritual like that, so it may be one of those things that will just pass with time.


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+1 great points made. I also believe "Goodbye" rituals work. Being patient paid off with us, we only went when our daughter was comfortable & waving us off herself. The daycare was not too keen but we insisted and it worked for us. My daughter was under 2 when she started daycare/nursery.

(22 Dec '10, 17:18) Emi

Normally the crying lasts about a month. It's really hard for both parent and child but stay strong and before you know it you'll both get used to it. My daughter is slightly ADHD and for the whole first year, every single day, she cried and threw her fit (making me cry too) but after 6 months the caregivers said she'd stop crying soon after I left. She actually threw her fits at the door well into 1st grade. She's almost a 3rd grader now and likes to go to school and plays with her friends... with time kids get used to the way things are. Stay strong and positive like daycare is a good thing and your kid will believe so too.


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