I started feeding my 6 month old baby cereal six weeks ago and vegatables 3 weeks ago. I breast feed him but now that he eats solids he wants more of that.When he sees me eat he wants some and throws fits even after he just got done breastfeeding.So right now i feed him baby cereal mixed with an ounce of formula in the morning and a half jar of stage 1 baby food in the evening along with bottle feeding.How many times should he be eating baby food a day?

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I was told by our child health nurse that if my child wanted more then it was okay to give them more but up until 8-9 months they should have milk first and then their solids.

In the NZ "Thriving under fives" book which is given free to all parents it says "to let your baby's appetite guide how much is eaten. Some babies will eat more than others. Some babies are ready for 2 meals a day a day the second week after starting solid foods and then 3 meals by the third week each baby is different."

I am trying to remember what my kids did. I think my son is was eating three meals a day by eight months. He was nearly six months when we started solids. I think that my daughter was similar.

This link gives the following guideline:"Once baby has been having 'one meal a day' for about 3 weeks, you can start introducing a second meal time, and then a third meal time a week or so after that. Always remember to feed baby their milk first and only then offer solids."


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I've read that you should let your baby be your guide. It's possible that your son is interested in the experience of eating (and doing what you're doing) as well as being hungry.

You could consider using (some or all of) the baby-led feeding ideas, since they encourage you eating with your baby (and eating the same things, which would be easier if he's going to want to experience the joys of a meal with you).

I'd check out (from the library if its available) Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby To Love Good Food by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett. It goes over all of the questions you have about feeding, from the baby-led weaning perspective. If you start at chapter 4, it dives into the nitty gritty.


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