Yesterday our two year woke up with a rash on her torso both back and front. It is both splotchy and spots. I took her to the Dr yesterday morning and he said that it look like the beginning stages of chicken pox and that we would know for sure with 24 hours when blisters formed on the spots. By bed time yesterday it had reduced significantly. Then this morning it was all over her body but there was no blistering and didn't really looked like chicken pox, Again as the day went on the rash diminished. She isn't showing any other symptoms of being sick. It doesn't seem to be bothering her, she hasn't been itchy

We have several suspicions as to what could be the cause:

  • An allergy to something she has eaten although I can't think of anything different she has eaten.
  • It has been hot and windy here so we are wondering if it is a reaction to something in the air that may have been blown into her bed so we have changed everything in her cot.
    • a heat rash

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be the cause and how we can know for sure?

asked 25 Dec '10, 09:30

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Have you changed detergents or fabric softeners recently?

(25 Dec '10, 16:31) Scott ♦♦

could it be a food allergy? Is there anything new that your child ate the days the rash appeared? If so, hold off on it till the rash disappears, then reintroduce it to see if you get the same result. My kids & I have food allergies & they all show up as rashes. The big contenders in our family are dairy, eggs & almonds, and they're tricky because they show up in all kinds of pre-made food. Good luck!


answered 05 Jan '11, 01:36

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Laura Anderson
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Could she be perspiring while she is asleep, and if so could that be the cause? Look at what she is wearing at night and try and change her outfit to see if that makes a difference.

Heat rash to me sounds like a good enough explanation, but monitoring her to see whether she perspires at all could give you more clues.

Good luck!


answered 28 Dec '10, 20:57

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