Our three year old son was doing very well with potty training after we got him a baby toilet. He was making it through the night, peeing in adult toilets at friend's houses, and always peeing in his kid's potty at home.

About a week ago he started going for the toilet after peeing about half of his urine in his pants and the other half in the toilet and he is peeing in the bed every night. When we put him in timeout for things he will pee in his pants (to get back at us?) and today when he got a timeout he made himself poop in timeout.

What should we do?

asked 27 Dec '10, 18:17

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David Smith
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+1 Has anything happened during the week before that has frightened or angered him enough to react in this way? I am trying to understand why he would do that particularly during time outs?

(27 Dec '10, 18:54) Emi

We were trying to think of what could be causing it. I can't think of him being frightened at anything, although sometimes he says "someone's going to get me" and when we ask who he might say it will be stuffed animals or neighbors. The past two weeks I've been spending a lot more of my home time working on my computer instead of interacting with him.

(28 Dec '10, 03:34) David Smith

Could it have been all the excitement around Christmas? It can be pretty unsettling for small people the way the excitement around the holiday can upset their schedual. (Even if you don't celebrate it, the hoopla is pretty hard to avoid.)

(01 Jan '11, 17:28) Neen

Update-(I'm the mom) Today he woke up with a wet diaper, but after we took it off and put on a new one he told me he had to pee so we took off the diaper and peed on his froggy potty. He asked for underwear so I put that on him. A friend I talked to last night suggested diapers for time-outs to avoid the issue of soiled underwear. Then if he does pee or poop in timeout we can act as if it's no big deal if he has a diaper on and hopefully de-fang his attempt at punishing us for punishing him. What do you think, Dave?


answered 28 Dec '10, 13:53

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Theresa 1
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or maybe we could even stop using timeouts and try something new? Any suggestions for effective behavior modification??

(28 Dec '10, 13:55) Theresa 1

Other strategies for behaviour modification our rewards for good behaviour and removal of privileges for unwanted or "bad" behaviour. I think putting him in a diaper for time-outs is a good idea, otherwise his attempt to control the situation worked and that might make punishing him in the future more difficult.

(28 Dec '10, 18:23) Tammy ♦♦

We put him back on diapers today while still asking him if he wants to pee in the potty. He pee'd in his diapers once today while using the potty about 3 times and pooped in his diaper once.


answered 28 Dec '10, 03:36

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David Smith
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Well it seems to me like taking a small step back may mean several steps forward again in a couple of days. I agree with what you have done, and providing that "safety net" could help resolve his potty training issue and put him back on the right track so to speak. My daughter still can get frustrated (even though she is 6 and a half) if she sees that my husband spends more time on the computer at home, despite the fact she is fully aware that his job involves that and that it as a continuation of his work.

(28 Dec '10, 08:32) Emi
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