My little boy may be having nightmares. He has been telling me lately that "somebody gonna get me" and just this morning "somebody gonna kill me". He seems pretty paranoid, even during the day. He is only 3 years old. Any advice on how to soothe him? I always tell him "don't worry baby, nobody will get you, and mommy and daddy will protect you." But it doesn't really seem to be helping, since this has been going on for weeks now.

asked 29 Dec '10, 11:07

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I don't know if you're religious or not, so this may not help you. However, our three-year-old had some similar issues with bad dreams and fears. We have chosen to talk a lot about God's angels, sent to guard him and our home. Not wishy-washy angels with harps, but fierce angels with swords (think St. Michael the archangel). All our sons now enjoy "playing angels" (swords and all!) and we haven't had nearly as much trouble with fears or bad dreams.


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+1 For such creativeness ! Angels portrayed as strong protectors is very appealing I reckon!

(30 Dec '10, 07:31) Emi

+1 - I remember something similar working for me as a child. It doesn't have to be angels -- it could be super heros, etc. If you can imagine the monster you should have no problem imagining your own protector. :)

(04 Jan '11, 02:50) Scott ♦♦

Just this week, our nearly-three-year-old woke with a shriek and sobbed that the "chicken is going to eat my bottom".

It took a long time holding her to get her back to sleep. Since then, every time she mentions "the chicken" I hold her head in my hands and get her to look in my eyes and repeat "there's no chicken". It's almost become a joke now.


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+1 lol, Benjol, we had chickens when I was growing up, it's actually a valid fear! :) (They can be mean, and they go for your bottom if you turn your back!)

(05 Jan '11, 12:20) Neen

This is really common in 3 year olds, their imaginations have grown faster than their understanding of how the world works and they get caught up in believing that what they imagine is real. Scary stuff. This link 7 Ways to Help Your Child Handle Fear from Dr. Sears site has some great strategies to help deal with kids fears.

In my experience more sensitive a child is the worse this phase is for them, but it is a pretty normal phase and they all seem to go through it to some extent, try not to worry too much, and I'm sure you'll figure out a way to help reassure him that he's safe with the people who love him.


answered 01 Jan '11, 17:24

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