I am guilty of letting my 2 1/2 year old daughter interrupt me. Or anyone else who is talking to me. And if she's trying, for the fifth or sixth time, to get someone else's attention who is talking, I will answer her then, too. It's pretty bad parenting and I don't know why it took me so long to realize that. So now I need to figure out how to fix this.

  1. What's a good thing to say to her when she interrupts a conversation?
  2. How do I do this while still encouraging her to be talkative?

asked 05 Jan '11, 20:38

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+1 Brilliant question.

(06 Jan '11, 06:41) Emi

Don't feel bad blue, all verbal 2 1/2 year olds interrupt. I think it has to do with just starting to learn that other people have feelings and needs. Definately not a reflection on your parenting.

(06 Jan '11, 17:12) Neen

Our 6 and a half year old still interrupts us occasionally and after we observed her, realized, that if & when she is mentally or emotionally overstimulated or excited she simply can't contain herself and wants to share whatever is on her mind, there and then. Although she knows it's not correct to do so, she can't help it she says. My thoughts are this is applicable to children of most ages...

Going back to when she was much smaller, we would always make sure she was aware that we were really listening to her when she was talking or trying to talk, and then if we were telling her something we would make direct eye contact, and then when she tried to interrupt if dad and mum were having a chat, I would always say 'just a minute please, sweetie' or something along those lines. When she was smaller we would quickly wrap up and turn our attention to her, and I guess that kind of was the first steps in learning how to wait a minute. To be totally honest I can't remember if it worked really well or not, but we did try and get her used to waiting for short periods.

We kind of expected it to improve much more as she has gotten older, the waiting, that is, but it both has and it hasn't in our case.

I am guilty of saying just a minute, and making my daughter wait for much longer, but now I am more careful.

So to try and briefly answer your questions from my own experience:

What's a good thing to say to her when she interrupts a conversation?

Perhaps find many different ways of telling her that she should wait a little and then use the one that she understands and likes the most, use that so it correlates with waiting and then get back to her.

How do I do this while still encouraging her to be talkative?

By listening to her and devoting your whole attention will show her that you do want to hear what she is saying, is really important (in my opinion) at that age and encourages fluency.


answered 06 Jan '11, 07:30

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+1 Emi, I agree that it's a long, long process, heck, most adults I know have trouble not interrupting when they're excited.

(06 Jan '11, 17:06) Neen

well said Neen!

(06 Jan '11, 17:10) Emi

I'm 30 and I still have a hard time not interrupting people when I get excited/passionate about a subject...maybe my parents should have done something differently!

(07 Jan '11, 18:01) Melanie
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