I am interested to know at which age your child or children had a friend stay over at your house, and when your child or children stayed over at a friends place?

My daughter is 6 and a half and has started mentioning that she would like to have a pyjama party...I am thinking could it be a little early?

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My daughter had a friend over for the night for the first time last month. She and her friend are in Kindergarten, but both are use to nights away from home with family. The circumstances were a little more involved than just wanting a sleep over. (The friend's mom had just gone through a difficult pregnancy and had a newborn at home, so we took the oldest child for a night to give her a break while the middle child was visiting family and dad was away for work.)

I don't think 6 is too young for your child to have 1 friend over or to go to a friend's house for the night. But I would restrict it to 1 friend at a time for a little while just until you are both used to it.

I used to work as a counselor at a Girl Scout camp where we had girls as young as 6 away from home for a week - and in some ways GS camp is like a great big sleepover. It can be done, but I would recommend working up to that point slowly.


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+1 mkcoehoorn, my older boys both had their first sleepovers sometime in first grade too, so they were 6ish.

(07 Jan '11, 18:01) Neen

Thanks mkcoehoorn I think we'll be giving it go in the near future.

(08 Jan '11, 07:57) Emi

My son is 4 1/2, and although we haven't done a sleepover yet, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to let him spend the night at a friend's house, assuming he wanted to and the parents were willing. That is, for several of his friends whose parents we really trust and who I think will keep him entertained well enough that he wouldn't miss us and get anxious. If it weren't a kid I knew he got along with well, or I didn't know the parents, I would want to make sure they had several shorter play dates under their belt first.

I don't think there's a magic age. You know your child -- can he/she spend the night without you? Do you trust the parents to keep your child safe and entertained? Do the two kids get along well enough that they can stand each other in close quarters for that long? If you think yes, then go for it!


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Some friends of ours had the idea of what amounted to a late night playdate for our four year olds. They came over for dinner and stayed long enough that the kids put on their pajamas. The younger siblings (under 2 years old) fell asleep and when it was time for the other family to go (well past a normal bedtime), the little one was easily transferred sleeping to their car and the big sister had her pajamas on already under her coat at least. This isn't quite what you're talking about but it was fun for everyone (including the adults, who actually got to talk) and the kids keep asking when the next "sleepover" will be.


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+1 we also did that when she was much younger, once the kiddies sleep the adults get to converse!

(08 Jan '11, 07:59) Emi
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