In the past week my 9 month old baby completely stopped eating his formula bottles. I've tried everything and nothing helps. Can I stop giving him formula bottles at this age and only give him solid foods?

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+1 Hello Miriam, in order to try and provide you with helpful answers, could you please tell us a little more about his feeding patterns, for example when you did start with solids, and has he always been formula fed?

(12 Jan '11, 09:09) Emi

I'm pretty sure babies are supposed to get breast milk and/or formula til they are about a year old so I would not stop giving formula altogether. Around 1 year you can start offering cow's milk, but if it's the bottle being refused, not the milk then... maybe he just doesn't like the bottle? We had a similar problem until I learned that there are different nipples for bottles, ie, for older babies, there are ones with more holes in them so the milk comes out faster... check that first. Also, it wouldn't be unreasonable at this point to switch to sippy cups for your little one, sometimes just the change of bottle to sippy cup can be enough to make a difference in a situation like yours.

Good luck and let us know how things work out!


answered 12 Jan '11, 11:34

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+1: I was going to suggest trying the sippy cup also.

(12 Jan '11, 14:03) Amrita

My 9 month old did something similar just 2 weeks ago. She didn't refuse all bottles but did refuse most of them. We started giving her milk with her solids and spooning it into her. We also gave her some in a sippy cup. We changed to a faster nipple. We gave it to her in a bowl or cup and poured it into her mouth. All the above helped some, but not all the time. About a week later, she started refusing less, but still isn't up to her old totals. The doctor wasn't worried about it so we're trying to give her more solids to make up for the less milk. Please keep trying to give formula to your baby, maybe this is also just a phase. You can also try feeding the baby in a quiet or even dark room, maybe he's just distracted.


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It's possible to use formula in cooking, or have it on cereal. Mix it in to mashed vegetables or make porridge with it ... I'm not sure if that's quite what you mean Aris. As Melanie says babies should be getting a lot of their nutrition from breast milk or artificial breast milk substitute until they are one. According to the KellyMom website (which is about breastfeeding, but many of the principles remain the same) by the age of one a baby should be

getting no more than 25% of her calories from solids by the age of 12 months (some babies eat less than this at 12 months and that's also normal).

So really it seems a good idea to find a number of ways to persuade your baby to have the formula. But there's no particular reason why it has to be in a bottle. Since dentists usually encourage parents to get their children off the bottle, because falling asleep with a bottle of milk or other sugary liquid in the mouth can cause tooth decay this might be a good opportunity to encourage him to start using a more grown-up container for his milk, or put it on or mixed into his solids.

Does he have his solids before or after his formula feeds? Many recommend that baby has milk about an hour before solids, so that he doesn't fill up on solids and not want his milk (again from Kelly Mom)

It often works well to offer the solids about an hour after you nurse. If nursing has come before the solids you can continue feeding your baby the solids until she shows signs of fullness; i.e. turning her head, closing her mouth, batting at the spoon, wanting down, spitting the food out, etc. (trying to feed past this point is overfeeding). Most babies will balance their milk intake with their solid food intake well if you feed in this way.


answered 23 Jan '11, 21:02

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Meg Stephenson
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