Hi, my husband and 9 month old are flying to the Philippines next week. It's going to be a 36 hour trip from airport to airport. I'm worried that they'll have a horrible time on the plane and in the airports. The flight is leaving at 11pm and her bedtime is normally at 7pm. She is a crawler and plays by herself but cannot really sit still. We've reserved a bassinet for her. Any tips on what to do and how to prepare them for the trip?



asked 13 Jan '11, 17:48

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Here are some answers to earlier questions that may be useful. http://moms4mom.com/questions/4448/how-do-you-keep-your-baby-happy-during-a-long-flight and http://moms4mom.com/questions/208/tips-for-air-travel-with-an-infant

(14 Jan '11, 08:31) Emi

We've just come back from a bunch of flights, longest of 9 hours, with a 7 month old. A few things we learned (in addition to those in Emi's links):

Book a seat for the little one. We didn't (and it was OK), but will next time. The reason an under 2 year old is allowed to be on lap is due to slightly dubious safety issues: if parents are obliged to buy a seat they'll be less likely to fly, using less safe methods of transport. I think that this is likely to change soon (in the US at least) and parents will be required to purchase a seat.

Meanwhile, if you haven't bought a seat, smile at check in and show off the cute baby. The staff might try and get you into a row of three with an empty seat in the middle (book if possible, certainly ask), or even a slight upgrade.

Don't rely on the bassinet being available, depending on airline. We did everything we could to reserve one, but on the plane another mother happened to ask first and got the only one there was. Didn't feel entitled to make a fuss and although we intended to share it, the timing of the infants' sleeping meant that our boy was stuck in my arms when sleeping.

Otherwise, accept the fact that between child needs and airplane discomforts, dad isn't going to get much sleep. Caffeine, alcohol and sense of humour may be required.


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They arrived safely after a 24 hour trip (it wasn't 36 hours, the time change confused me). The baby cried for some of the first 3 hours because she was so very tired but too excited about everything to sleep. My husband had to fall back on our Plan B (benadryl) so that she could get the rest she really needed. After that, the baby was able to sleep in the bassinet for 3 hour chunks and they were lucky to have an empty seat beside them so she could hang out there with her snacks and "reading material". :-) It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. :-)

(19 Jan '11, 15:41) Aris

Glad all was fine. I hear that it gets harder as they get older. Not looking forward to next Christmas!

(19 Jan '11, 17:15) Andy 2

+1 I loved your answer Andy! and @Aris , glad it all worked out well!

(22 Jan '11, 19:56) Emi
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