Hi there, Are there any other parents here who have a child with CHD? I have a couple of questions about this....

We did not find out that our daughter had heart defects until she was a week old - when did you find out/did you know before delivery?

Have you had any other children - are they heart healthy?

We are expecting our second in February and not sure what our odds are for having another child with heart defects.

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In my family, my brother and my aunt both have heart murmurs associated with mitral valve prolapse. Neither one have a serious case and both have lived normal lives without having to take any special precautions, other than taking antibiotics before having any surgery or going to the dentist to ensure that they did not develop any infections that could go straight to their hearts.

I was concerned with possibly passing down a defect to my sons, but both of them are fine and healthy. Their hearts were checked at my 20 week ultrasound and they could clearly see that the blood was flowing normal through the heart and the valves looked fine.

I don't know anything about your odds of having another child with a defect, but I would definitely talk to your OB about your concerns. Your doctor should be checking your baby's heart at your anatomy ultrasound to ensure that the heart and all other organs are functioning properly.

My understanding is that there is some hereditary link with heart defects, but its definitely not a guarantee that every child would have the issue. My friend has a more serious case of mitral valve prolapse and is currently going through IVF and her doctor is not concerned at all with her passing the problem down, he seems to think that her baby's chance of inheriting her problem is very low.

I don't have any statistics for you, but hopefully this helps a bit! Good luck with your new baby!


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Thanks for your words of encouragement. With my first child, I had about 18 ultrasounds and not one of those technicians picked up on my daughters heart defects. I am due for a fetal echo cardiogram next week which is the most accurate cardiac study they can do but nothing is guaranteed.

(01 Oct '09, 20:35) dreamerisme
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