My wife and I have a dilemma.

We're using the Playtex drop-ins and we're not sure if we really need to be forcing all the air out of them or not before we feed our baby. We've sort of learned this by observing my sister-in-law with her child.

As I understand the drop-ins is that you are reducing the air the baby swallows by using a drop-in that collapses rather than a ridged bottle (where they have to let air sneak in through their mouth, and swallowing some as a consequence).

The logic I assume my sister-in-law is following with forcing all the air out of the drop-in is that at the end of the bottle they won't be able to dry suck the bottle.

It seems to me that when gravity feeding the baby (holding the bottle up, because baby can't):

If you haven't pre-forced the air out, the air pocket will be at the bottom of the bottle so they won't get any air anyway. Plus it's easy to see when you are out of milk/formula.

If you have forced all the air out, you end up with a nearly fully collapsed drop-in at the nipple end, with some non-trivial amount of milk/formula in it that's much harder to suck out than if there was some air bubble behind it. Kind of like trying to suck a plastic coke bottle dry... it works for the first 3/4's but for that last 1/4, you are working against the bottle that no longer wants to collapse.

Which is it, and where did this squeezing the air out of the bottle come from? Is it really in the instructions (which I haven't read yet and probably lost already)?

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No, you don't need to squeeze the air out. You'll be especially thankful when you switch to the taller nursers where it's almost impossible to do it with your fingers. Here's what Playtex says about it:

Do I need to expel air from the liners? No, it is not necessary since the Playtex® Drop-Ins® Liners and standard liners collapse and contract just like the breast to deliver nourishment, not air. Playtex® liners are made of a flexible plastic that will mold to the liquid as the baby feeds. Because of this, air will not get through to the baby’s mouth, nor will a vacuum form, which can cause baby to suck in the air around the nipple. However, we are aware that many consumers want to expel air. There is no problem with doing this; but, we advise that you do this carefully, without the use of sharp objects, so you don’t cut the liner.


answered 14 Jan '11, 18:20

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My bad.. thanks Aris for finding the info on their website...I looked around but could not find it.

(15 Jan '11, 00:25) Melanie
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