Does your pre-schooler wake up cranky in the morning? I mean, yeah who isn't cranky, but how have you handled the crankiness in the past? I admit I've turned on cartoons to get my son to eat his breakfast semi-peacefully, but I've heard that watching tv and eating (regardless of using it to keep my sanity in the a.m.) is one of the worst things you can do!

Do you have any tips so that I don't feel compelled to turn on the television?


asked 18 Jan '11, 02:08

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+1 Great question, brings back many memories... :)

(18 Jan '11, 05:47) Emi

+1 the TV in the morning habit is starting to settle in with my toddler too. He wakes up demanding it some mornings. We indulge him some mornings, which probably makes it worse.

(18 Jan '11, 15:28) Anne

Our kids aren't immediately hungry when they wake up. They need half an hour of 'play' time - I don't know whether it's to wake up properly, or to sort things out in their heads. Afterwards things get easier.

Sometimes when they wake up, they just want to be held quietly. Then all of a sudden it's OK and they spring out of bed, ready to rock and roll.

Obviously, the days when they wake up late and we have to be somewhere quick, things don't work out so well. In which case we might use TV, but as an incentive to get stuff done first.


answered 18 Jan '11, 06:02

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I can understand that, I'm the same way, I'm not ready to eat immediately after waking up, I think my tummy needs about a half hour of wake up time. My 10 month old girls are the same way, they don't seem to want to eat immediately after they wake up. So I feed them after about half an hour.

(18 Jan '11, 19:39) Aris

+1 I agree that many children, and adults, don't want to eat straight away.

(21 Jan '11, 19:49) Meg Stephenson

My pre-schooler is often grouchy in the morning so I almost always send her little sister in to wake her up. It works great since they love each other so much. I call the little one my secret weapon.


answered 19 Jan '11, 03:08

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Thanks for the fun answer! We don't have a "secret weapon" yet but we're working on it!

(30 Jan '11, 00:43) Jo

I have also started doing this for the past month or so. Seems to work like a charm!

(27 May '12, 16:22) Tammy ♦♦
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