My daughter's daycare just puts any clothes that are pooped, peed, or spit on in a plastic bag and ties the top and then puts it in her daycare bag by the end of the day. This leads to a few problems:

  • Sometimes we manage to forget to get the bag out of her daycare bag...not good...(especially on Fridays, makes for a bad start on Monday morning).
  • We'll wind up with just one outfit that's dirty and not enough other clothes to wash a load. I guess hand washing is a possibility?
  • They don't rinse them, and poop can be surprisingly good glue when it dries.

So, how should a daycare handle this problem? Or is this typical operation, and I'll just have to be more diligent about remembering to take care of it right when I get home from picking her up?

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My daycare does the same thing. I treat the clothes basically the same way I do cloth diapers. I have a special bin I put them in (really just a garbage can with a plastic liner and a tight lid) and wash them every 2-3 days or so. When washing, I run them through a cold rinse cycle first and then will add additional clothes and do a full cycle, ideally on hot/cold if the clothes will stand it.

(19 Jan '11, 04:03) Kiesa ♦

I have worked at several different daycares in the past, and every daycare seems to have their own policy on this. One of the daycares, did have a policy that soiled clothes were to be just bagged and sent home with the child. But, we were to notify the parents and make a note of it on the child's "Daily Report" sheet that the parent picks up on their way home.

At most daycare centers, I always found that peed or just dirty clothes were washed and put back on the child where ever possible. Pants/underwear that had been pooped in, were always just bagged and sent home, as the teachers don't typically have time to scrub out the pants and then wash them, which is why they are just sent home.

You should be able to ask your classroom teacher or the daycare manager about your daycare's specific policies about dirty clothes. If its simply the issue of remembering the clothing, perhaps asking your teacher to make sure the clothes go directly into your child's backpack or make sure that they have a note for you to let you know that the clothes are there for you. As, a former classroom teacher, I tried to always inform the parents when there were soiled clothes waiting for them, but as always, some days are very hectic and things do tend to get forgotten. Hopefully this helps a bit.


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