My 6 and a half year old is losing her first upper front tooth, and as exciting as it may seem to her, I've noticed that her moods have changed slightly. She seems more emotional, more dependent yet more determined in some instances. I would like to know if losing teeth has anything to do with the slightly different behaviour characteristics she's displaying.

asked 21 Jan '11, 21:55

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It wouldn't surprise me Emi. Losing your baby teeth, especially your top front teeth is a really big deal for kids that age. I can remember a lot of talk about who had loose teeth, who'd lost teeth, who hadn't lost teeth in the first and second grade. It's a obvious sign that they're becoming big kids, and while that's very exciting it's a bit scary too, and would also naturally result in some ambivalent feelings and behaviours like your daughter is showing.

Or as my second oldest would say when he was this age, "I don't want to be big! I want to be your little boy forever!" and five minutes later be bragging about whatever his new big kid skill was. When I think back, ambivalence and slight regessions were kinda the theme of his life in grades 1 - 3.


answered 23 Jan '11, 14:33

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+1 Thank you Neen, I appreciate your comments!

(25 Jan '11, 17:31) Emi

I've certainly noticed that my girls at about that age have been slightly difficult emotionally (my son hasn't got there yet). More likely to be grumpy and defiant, whilst still being little and needing/wanting to be looked after. I've never connected it to the teeth thing before though.


answered 23 Jan '11, 20:41

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Meg Stephenson
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+1 Thanks Meg, maybe it really is a sensitive phase for them as Neen suggests.

(25 Jan '11, 17:31) Emi
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