I have a 3.5 year old only child son and love playing with him when I'm not at work. Sometimes I have tasks that may take a couple of hours to do on the computer which are hard to do with him. I usually end up doing them late at night or early in the morning. I'm wondering if there are activities to keep him entertained that he can do by himself? In our house he always wants to be in the same room as one or both parents and whatever he is doing he wants to involve one or both parents in. He can use Youtube on a laptop and watch tv by himself, but I would like to have more variety.

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Some additional ideas for independent play: colouring, puzzles, cars, reading/books, pop beads/lego building toys

I think you'll be hard-pressed to get the duration of time that you're looking for though. You may have some luck if he can play in the same space as you but it is still not conducive to getting much done especially if your work requires talking on the phone or concentration. Personally, I don't even attempt to work anymore (other than answering the odd email) if the kids are up. And yes, that means I stay up late too.


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Great answers already provided but just as an extra idea here is a personal recommendation.

We noticed that our daughter really enjoyed tapping away at a spare wireless keyboard we had at home, then coupled with her infatuation of phones (cordless home phone, home with handset and dummy mobiles), we found that she could play happily on her own for what did seem like quite long stretches of time. I wonder if your son would have fun mimicking you working, because thats what our daughter did early on.

I never really realized at the time but she would role play on her own and she seemed to enjoy it tremendously also because perhaps the things involved in this type of play were not toy 'toys' but things that were similar if not identical to what we were using.

Good luck!


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I think it really depends on what your child enjoys doing - obviously if it's not all the time, you could put on a movie or some TV. Other things that my son will play at for at least 45 minutes at a time are:

  • play doh
  • legos
  • water (fill a couple inches water in the sink, give him some plastic cups, seive, funnel, spoon ... you have to be prepared for a bit of cleanup but overall it's not too bad because it's just water
  • puzzles

I agree it is difficult to work with a preschooler in the house. I personally will go in the bathroom where I can lock the door if I need to make a phone call, and most of my computer work (other than emails I can answer from my smartphone) takes place after my son is in bed, or during nap/quiet time.


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Along the lines of playing with water, last summer I would take my laptop out to our backyard and work while my son played in the water or his "sandbox" (which was just a plastic tub we filled with sand). He was much younger than your son, 18 months at the time, but I think both water and sand are fun regardless of age.

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