My 10 month old has 6 teeth, 4 upper, 2 lower. He has not had any problems with teething so far, but it seems that he is alot of pain when eating, and refuses food after the first 2 mins of each solid food feed. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now.

I'm worried because he was an absolutely great eater, but he just wont do it. I tried feeling around his gums for more teeth, but he really rejected me when I touched his soft pallette behind his upper front teeth. I've also noticed him jutting his bottom jaw out alot recently. I suspect he is hitting his palette or biting his tongue, but I can't really tell.

Should I feed more regularly than 3 times a day while he is in pain to keep his intake up, should I change his diet, or should I treat the pain?

asked 31 Jan '11, 18:06

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Whenever my son gets new teeth he goes through a few days of not wanting to eat solid food either. It usually passes in a few days.

During teething time, he often asks to nurse more often, so I know that he is still getting enough to eat, even though he is not eating very many solids. I do offer solids more often during this time, just in case he does want to eat at a time when he normally doesn't. I also give him some baby Tylenol if his teething pain is making him unusually fussy or if he can't sleep.

Good luck and I hope your baby feels better soon!


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If it were me I'd try to find the cause of the pain, keep his foods soft until you know what's causing it and can address it. Even as an adult I sometimes get swollen gums (esp. painful when behind my front teeth) and it's usually caused by eating unwashed fruit or biting down in an unfortunate way on something non yielding (cherry pits!!) I can imagine if a young one like this has similar pain in that area it would make it tough to eat. Good luck and I hope he feels better soon.


answered 31 Jan '11, 19:00

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Sounds like he may have pain with his existing teeth, not new teeth coming through. Do you brush his teeth thoroughly every day? Does that hurt too, or is it definitely away from his teeth?

In the short term I would give him something for the pain, but try to find out the root cause of it to be sure it won't get worse. And definitely offer him plenty of milk feeds if he's not eating much solids - he's still young enough to get most of his nutrition from breastmilk or substitutes according to KellyMom.


answered 17 Feb '11, 15:36

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