My daughter was born on 1st April 2009, and I am wandering when is she due to go to primary school? We live in London UK, borough of Southwark.

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If the primary school she is going to go to only has one intake she will start school in sept 2013, however some schools still have two intakes and in that case she would start Jan 2014.


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I'm not certain about English starting ages but in the US we generally send our kids to kindergarten when they are 5 or 6 years old depending on the school district and the child. My daughter who was born in September 2005 started last fall (2010) when she was 5 and the cut off was in October. But my son who was born August 2008, probably will not start Kindergarten until 2014 when he is 6. This is partly because the district is changing to an earlier cut off date in July, and partially because boys generally take a little longer to mature.

I would suggest contacting the schools near you and asking them so you know what the guidelines are for your area.


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England, US and Canada all do things differently with respect to school. Check out this question for a reference http://moms4mom.com/questions/3620/english-to-english-translation

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