What do you think? If they're too young, I'm afraid it will make them difficult to distinguish what is real and what is fake.

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Even some adults have difficulties to distinguish between real and fake in X-Files.

(16 Oct '09, 13:54) mouviciel

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I'd be much more concerned about the fact that it's pretty scary, often violent, deals with adult subjects, and generally requires a pretty vast amount of cultural knowledge just to understand all the themes.

I think once kids are old enough to process all of that (I dunno, 10?) and appreciate the show, they're also old enough to know that all the pseudoscience, monsters, UFOs, etc., in it are not real. Or at least old enough to have that discussion with you, which may be even more enlightening.

Though, as an aside, I'm wondering about your phrasing "introduce them to it." If they're not asking for it (why would they, it's not even a current show), I would avoid pushing them toward a TV show, and try very hard to get them interested in similarly themed books instead. (I did really like X files, by the way, I'm just saying that most kids watch too much TV already and getting them interested in books is almost always a better idea than adding another TV show to their schedule.)


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I too would be most concerned about, "the fact that it's pretty scary, often violent, deals with adult subjects." Long after they'll be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality, some of the imagery is bound to leave them terrified or possibly asking questions beyond their ability to understand or perhaps your comfort to explain them. Personally, I loved the show but I loved it as a teenager and older.

(16 Oct '09, 16:55) Dinah

Sound Medicine recently (9/27/2009) interviewed Dr. Alison Gopnick, author of The Philosophical Baby. In the interview, Dr. Gopnick said that recent research has suggested that children don't have a problem distinguishing between reality and fantasy as previously thought. However, children just prefer to live in their fantasy world.

I ran across a website called Commonsense Media. It appears to be a relatively objective review of the age-appropriateness of various types of media. They rate shows based on violence, sex, language, consumerism, drinking, drugs, and smoking. You can see their rating of the X-Files here. I like that they also allow the comments to say what age they believe the show is appropriate for. It might be another tool you can use to help decide when you want to start showing the X-Files to your children.


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I'd personally say that I'd guess a government rating of 15 (I tend to think of ratings in terms of the British system). But I could amend that personally to anything from 13 to 14. Why? Well, there's a decent number of grisly deaths, affected humans, sub-humans, and mutants. There's also oddness of the concept of alien implantation.


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Thats hard to say - depends on the kids but I think for my own kids it would be at least 10. They would have a hard time understanding reality before that I would guess. I would also begin by talking about it first - long before they saw any tv/movies. In my experience they need to be confident in their understanding of the world around them before exposing them to other possibilities/theories.


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13 or 14, I'd say. Of course, every child is different. Some are more mature than others.


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Hi Kurt and welcome to moms4mom.com. Could you please provide some information on how you came to this conclusion? Is this what you think you would do with your children? Please take a look at our back it up principal - moms4mom.com/back-it-up

(09 Nov '09, 03:33) Tammy ♦♦

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