I have quite a few 1st bday parties coming up, for boys and girls and I need some gift ideas. I have limited funds, but want to get something the kids will like. Of course every baby is different but there are some general favorites.... Thanks!

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If you don't want to get a toy . . . because trust me, everyone will get them a toy, then I would go with the more practical option of clothing. Usually when a child turns one, they have outgrown the clothes the parents received for baby gifts and filling up their closet may be expensive!


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Our daughter just had her first birthday. One of her favorite gifts is a set of mega blocks.

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I figure that 1st birthdays are more about the parents than about the child - a worthy celebration of "We Made It!" through the first year of the hardest, yet most worthwhile, endeavor we'll ever undertake.

All parents need encouragement - Mum's most of all.

So, I suggest that you take the opportunity of the 1st Birthday to provide some parental encouragement: Flowers, Chocolates, a fine wine, vouchers for babysitting, cleaning -- or for a dinner at a good restaurant. Something appropriate for those particular parents.


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Excellent thought!

(17 Sep '09, 12:12) Tammy ♦♦

My son was a huge fan of blocks. He got a set of cardboard blocks which he loves. It took a few months for him to get into them but he loves them now.

Cardboard Blocks

They make smaller sets so you don't have to spend a ton on them.


answered 18 Sep '09, 16:16

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A developmental activity table is always a solid bet. The Leapfrog Learn and Groove activity center was a big hit with our son and a great thing for him to unwrap on his birthday.


answered 30 Sep '09, 16:57

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