Why call the site moms4mom and not something like parent2parent? Even though I'm a proud dad, posting/promoting to a site name moms4mom seems a bit anti-genderish :)

asked 01 Oct '09, 16:43

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I think it speaks to how powerful the StackOverflow/StackExchange concept is when so many Dads will flock to a site called Moms4mom just because the site really is quite useful. As Jon mentioned below, Tammy did make some changes to make sure Dads understood they were welcome. We didn't think it was necessary to change the name though. After all, it doesn't seem to stop Dads from visiting. :)

(01 Oct '09, 17:03) Scott ♦♦

I think that is absolutely right. Well said :)

(01 Oct '09, 20:14) Emi

From the "Dads" page:

When I envisioned this site, I was thinking about it from the perspective of a new Mom, full of questions, and at times feeling a little isolated. I discovered that talking with other Moms (family, neighbors, and other Moms I met through community groups) was really helpful. My goal with this site was to create a community where Moms like me could connect.

I have been pleasantly surprised that many Dads have also found this site useful and are choosing to participate. I feel this is unique when I compare it with my experience with other "baby" forums where Dads were probably welcome, but yet absent. I realize this unique community of Moms and Dads is a direct result of this software being based on StackOverflow, a popular question and answer website for computer programmers (which just happens to be a profession full of Dads).


Are you going to change the name?

No, parents4parent.com is too long. Besides, I think moms4mom.com is catchy, and I already paid over $10 to register it for the whole year. If it makes you feel any better, Scott also registered dads4dad.com and it redirects you back here. :)


answered 01 Oct '09, 16:49

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Jon Skeet
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Thx, Jon....still feel a bit odd about promoting moms4mom to all my male friends on facebook etc. Wow. Maybe I'm insecure :)

(01 Oct '09, 16:56) Jay

Try telling them about dads4dad.com :)

(01 Oct '09, 17:27) Jon Skeet

Wonderful answer, :) now us mothers can share quality time with our husbands side by side. One answering questions about bugs and the other answering questions about avoiding bugs :)))

(01 Oct '09, 20:23) Emi

@Emi: I've been trying to persuade my wife to join. If I can get her addicted here, she might be able to understand my Stack Overflow habit a bit better :) Still, she's agree to try Wave, so that's a start...

(01 Oct '09, 21:26) Jon Skeet

:) I am sure (& hope) you will convince her soon!

(03 Oct '09, 22:34) Emi
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