Has anyone had experience with fibroids in pregnancy? I never had an issue during my first pregnancy but have just found out that I have an anterior subserosal fibroid measuring 4.0 cm x 2.2 cm and it was discovered at 19 weeks gestation.

If you have had one or more fibroids in pregnancy, did it/they increase in size or number as the pregnancy progressed?

Was an medical intervention required?

Did it/they cause any complications such as bleeding/cramping/pre-term labour?

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Wish I could help. I've never experienced this. You could try offering a bounty for an answer?

(07 Oct '09, 02:12) Tammy ♦♦

I did have a fibroid with my first pregnancy. I was really shaken at that time because it was my first baby and until that point in time I had never had a uterine ultrasound so I guess it was never caught. Right there and then, I was given the extreme worst-case scenario by the doctor. Luckily, my pregnancy progressed normally and yes the fibroid kept growing due to the increased blood supply and I looked super huge. Since my labor failed to progress (no relation to fibroid), I had to have a C-section and during the C section my fibroid was visible and my ob was surprised that I had not had any issues at all with the fibroid being so huge. Forward to 3 years later and I had an ultrasound before deciding to proceed with baby no. 2. My fibroid had shrunk to the size of a penny and hardly grew during baby no. 2. I attribute that completely to the meditation that I started after baby no. 1 was 15 months old. I would suggest and highly recommend that you incorporate some deep meditation into your daily life. Also, be sure and learn the technique from a trained qualified professional and NOT from a book or a video. Two good sources to tap into are Art of Living and Isha Yoga. Both offer excellent meditation techniques.


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