As the rainy season approaches I was trying to think of indoor "sport" activites that I could play with my children (1yr & 2 1/2 yr) to get their energy out when we can't go outside. We already play hide and go seek (a 2 year old version) that has a lot of running from one room to the other and laughing. Any other indoor "sport or active" activies easily played in a house for little ones? (Ideas could be for older children too since they do grow up!) :)

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asked 01 Oct '09, 21:32

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Glad you asked - I was wondering the same thing....

(02 Oct '09, 00:42) dreamerisme

We had one of those little exercise trampolines when our girls were about that age and they bounced on it all the time. If you can afford $50, the Jump-O-Lene is great fun (and you can additionally buy those plastic balls to make it a private ball pit).

For a little bit older children, I would highly recommend Wii Sports or Wii Fit. It really does encourage activity.

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answered 01 Oct '09, 22:24

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I've never seen the Jump-O-Lene before... looks great! I might buy one for my kids!!

(01 Oct '09, 22:35) Mommy trial and error

I haven't seen that before either. It looks like you may be able to put water in it for outdoor summer fun too. :)

(01 Oct '09, 22:43) Sabrina

We bought one plus 600 balls for their second birthday and they loved it.

(01 Oct '09, 23:41) bbrown

Floating in it around the pool? Intriguing..

(01 Oct '09, 23:47) bbrown

looks like you found a Christmas gift for my kids!! they would love it as a ball pit!

(02 Oct '09, 14:14) Mommy trial and error

We are definitely getting one of these for our kids for Christmas this year.

(04 Oct '09, 22:52) Sabrina

Dang, I wish I had included my Amazon affiliate code. :-)

(05 Oct '09, 16:12) bbrown
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We turn the music (kid music of course) on and dance for a good 10-15 minutes! I just bought a little tikes bouncer not long ago and that fits in my house. It's only 6ft. tall and you can put it up or take it down within 2 minutes! They jump for 30 minutes to an hour and get VERY tired. If you have a long hallway you could do - red light, green light.

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answered 01 Oct '09, 21:46

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Mommy trial and error
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Oh yeah I forgot we do totally do the dance music thing a lot too. :) You can fit that bouncer in your house, it looks huge from the picture! I think I am going to try some sort of bouncy thing though.

(01 Oct '09, 22:45) Sabrina

It fits in our living room and basement. It is only 6ft. tall

(02 Oct '09, 14:13) Mommy trial and error

My friend's daughter just started playing Ring-Around-the-Rosy and she now wants to play it with everyone. My son just likes to race from one end of the house to another. We set it up like it is a race and have to say "On your marks, get set, GO"! and then he runs and slaps our hands, this usually takes up a good 20 minutes or so. Other ideas are Simon Says, I Spy, Hide the Thimble (or any other object) and let them know if they are getting close to the object using hot or cold, or any kind of imaginary play (tea party). Hope these ideas help!

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answered 01 Oct '09, 21:52

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Melissa 1
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Those are really good game ideas, thanks!

(01 Oct '09, 22:46) Sabrina
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