My wife is currently not making enough breast milk and the doctor has asked us to supplement with formula. The variety is astounding, so I was wondering what are the real differences?

We're sticking with the Enfamil brand, and the choices are:

  • Lipil
  • Lipil Premium
  • Lipil AR
  • Gentlease

With the Gentlease, the primary ingredient is corn solids, as opposed to milk. What does that actually mean for the baby?

asked 01 Oct '09, 23:16

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Did that answer it for you or were you looking for more info?

(02 Oct '09, 23:24) dreamerisme

Enfamil Gentlease has partially broken down proteins and it has reduced levels of lactose. As formula goes, this is a a VERY bitter tasting one. A lot of kids will not take to this if they have tasted better ones or if they are coming off of breast milk.

Enfamil AR is a blend made with rice starch that is designed to be easily digested and thicken in the baby's tummy. This one is good for kids that spit up a lot.

Enfamil Premium has their triple health guard which has DHA & ARA which are their house blend of omega supplimentation. It also contains prebiotics.

I believe they are phasing out the regular Enfamil Lipid and replacing it with the new Enfamil Premium. I would try that to start. If your child has trouble with that you can go with one of the more specialized versions for different feeding problems.

Enfamil has a terrific customer telephone support who really know their stuff so if you have any trouble just give them a call and they will guide you. You can find the correct number for your country on their website.


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Wow, how did you find out all of this information?!

(02 Oct '09, 06:56) Sabrina

Trial and error for the most part, contacting Enfamil and my poor hubby tasting it - ick! Our daughter has heart disease and we had to put her on super high calorie formula at 4 weeks of age as she was in heart failure and not growing. We went through quite a number of them to find a good one that worked well. I became a bit of an expert at figuring out caloric needs of infants.

(02 Oct '09, 18:53) dreamerisme

According to the label it's "corn syrup solids". But there is also milk ingredients. Infant formula tends to be either cow milk or soy milk based. Gentlease is marketed as being "less gassy". I'm not a dietitian, so it's hard to say.


answered 01 Oct '09, 23:40

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