Has anyone else had a terrible time with headaches during pregnancy? What did you do when Tylenol doesn't help? I'm desperate for suggestions as I am getting them about 5 days a week now. I should mention that I am 21 weeks along.

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Are you taking your prenatal vitamins? I was told to take B6 for morning sickness... it helped a lot with my headaches...


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Mommy trial and error
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I take Materna, extra Folic acid, Omega 3 suppliment and vitamin D. I will however add B6 to that to see if it helps - I will try anything almost at this point. What dosage did you take?

(02 Oct '09, 22:47) dreamerisme

50mg once a day. It took about a week for me to start noticing a difference.

(03 Oct '09, 12:28) Mommy trial and error

If you weren't prone to frequent headaches before your pregnancy, it's probably a good idea to see your doctor about it. Headaches can be a symptom of high blood pressure, which can cause pregnancy complications if not addressed.


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Yeah my pressure is terrific, doc says they could be hormone related but shes really not sure whats causing them. She is out of ideas and out of helpful advice :(

(02 Oct '09, 22:45) dreamerisme

It seems too simple, but are you drinking enough water? Dehydration is a common cause of headaches. And, @dave0's suggestion is pertinent too.


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How much do you think I should have? I drink about 2 litres per day on average. Maybe I will strive for 3 for a week or two and see if it makes a difference - again, I will try anything!

(02 Oct '09, 22:54) dreamerisme

Well, I'm not a physician, but 2L/day sounds like plenty to me. Have you asked your physician for advice/help? I think that would be my next step. It's possible you have other influences that are being exacerbated by your pregnancy. (A chair that induces poor slouching or doesn't provide enough suport, for example.)

(05 Oct '09, 15:03) Jeff

I had frequent headaches during my pregnancy. The hardest part was trying to deal with it without taking any painkillers.

I made a big effort to really rest, relax and concentrate on being calm for an hour or so a day and concentrated on breathing exercises and stretching using just the top half of my body, and my neck. This helped eliminate the severity of the pain I was feeling.

So you could try and look at your current lifestyle, and see if there are ways that you are exerting too much energy and tiring yourself without realising, ( shopping for the baby, preparations for the room ) also check to see how well you sleep at night, ( ask your partner to monitor you if you have no idea how you sleep ) and finally look at your diet, are you eating and drinking enough.


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You raise a few valid points here...firstly I am a terrible sleeper. I am a tummy sleeper when not pregnant and this time it has been a real struggle to get comfy on my sides. I am now using 4 pillows and a tummy wedge to get comfy and we bought a new bed 6 months ago. I also have a toddler at home so I am running around after her during the day. To be honest I have not done a single thing for this new baby yet in terms of getting ready. When my toddler has her afternoon nap, I nap too, every day. The diet is hit and miss - had terrible morning sickness up until 2 weeks ago but I drink lots.

(02 Oct '09, 22:52) dreamerisme

I've suffered from migraines for years and pregnancy is no different for me (I'm almost 27 weeks). In fact I have a headache now that I can feel turning into a migraine. Regular strength Tylenol doesn't help me at all. There are a few more natural products that you rub onto your forehead and temples that sometimes help me. One is called Migraroma and it's available at health food stores. The other is called Head On and you can buy it any pharmacy.

  • water (are you dehydrated)
  • food (are you eating enough, and a healthy balanced diet)
  • sleep (too little or too much can also cause headaches)
  • weather (this one is tough because you have no real control over it but barometric pressure changes can set off headaches)

Usually I try to take 2 tylenol with a big glass of water, lie down in a dark & quiet room with a cold cloth or even ice pack wrapped in a cloth on my head. This doesn't work if my hubby is at work and my 2 other kids are home from school!

Good luck & as already mentioned talk to your Dr.


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Yeah even extra strength tylenol is useless for me - I know how you feel. I will have a look for those natural products you mentioned - thanks. I think you are right about the weather too, it can cause some bad ones and there is nothing but time that will fix those.

(02 Oct '09, 22:57) dreamerisme

I had mentioned in one of my comments above that I had started using a wedge to support my growing belly. I am REALLY happy to report that this has pretty much cured my headaches. I know it sounds nuts but I guess my spine was twisting just enough to put me out of alignment each night which was causing strain on my neck and giving me those wicked headaches. I have been through a whole week now without a headache!!!


answered 15 Oct '09, 03:50

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