Okay - Poop Alert - but we're all parents here so I think we're all use to it by now...

My basic question is: What is the best way to clean up after a huge diaper blow out?

I'm looking for suggestions on cleaning the kid, cleaning the clothes, cleaning the changing table, etc.. Do you clean the clothes in a multi-stage process (get rid of the worst of it first and then deal with the rest later)? What tools and cleaners do you suggest? Anything tried and true to get rid of the poo!

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Here's what we did:

  1. Used wipies to get the worst off everything, clothes, baby & anything else.
  2. Cleaned baby with either soapy wash cloth or a quick spray bath. We have a nosel on our showerhead that is hand held so you can easily use it to wash the baby without having to wait for the bathtub to fill up.
  3. Sprayed Dreft and used warm water suds the stain. Let sit for a few min & repeat if necessary, then hang dry to wash later with the laundry.
  4. Use Clorox Everyday Spray to wash anything else the poo touched.

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Here's what we do. We use cloth diapers, so this won't work well with disposables.

  1. Remove the dirty diaper and all dirty clothes
  2. Clean off the worst of the poop with a spare cloth diaper.
  3. Finish cleaning baby with wipes, then either a quick wash with a wet washcloth, or a bath if it's really bad.
  4. Dress him in a fresh diaper and clean clothes
  5. Remove the changing pad cover, and take it, the soiled diapers, and the dirty clothes to the toilet, and use the diaper sprayer to rinse off any solids.
  6. All the dirty stuff goes into the diaper sack for washing with the next load of diapers.

We've also had some diaper accidents while out of the house. Rinsing the clothes in cold water in the nearest bathroom and using a Tide pen to pretreat the stains seems to work fine.


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My favorite cleaner for soiled clothes is the sunlight soap. I use it to scrub out all of my dirtiest baby clothes, and soak them with the soap. Then I throw them in the wash and they all come out perfectly clean.

As for the change table, I used to work at a daycare some I'm used to scrubbing with bleach. I have a spray bottle with 2 tablespoons color safe bleach and the rest water that I use on any poopy areas of my house.

As for the baby, a quick mini bath in the sink usually takes care of them :)


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Color-safe bleach isn't capable of disinfecting (see the Clorox site at http://www.clorox.com/products/faqs.php?prod_id=c2#faq4 ).

(02 Oct '09, 20:44) dave0

Wow! I had no idea! I only liked using the color safe in my spray bottle so if I accidently sprayed myself I wouldn't ruin my clothes, but I guess I will have to switch. Thank you!

(02 Oct '09, 22:37) Shannon B

I like to use the Carbona line of stain removers for just about any baby/child mishap on clothes. They have a formula for just about everything.

I agree with ShannonB, bleach water is probably your best bet for cleaning and sterilizing the changing pad.

For the kid, get the worst of it with wipes, then plop the kid in the bathtub.

If the blowout, by some chance, got the floor or furniture, use a carpet cleaner and a deodorizer formulated for cleaning up after pets.


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I take the entire mess including the child right to the bathtub. I strip the child down, put the poopy clothes aside and deal with the child first. I have one of those detachable shower heads that allows me to shower off the poopy mess. Then I put the semi clean kid into their little tub inside the big tub and run them a fun clean bath in their little tub. I push that back toward the end of the tub, let her splash and play in the clean bubbles and then I shower off the clothes right there until they are free of everything but perhaps a stain. I use whatever is handy as far as cleaner, even shampoo, anything to get the preliminary stink off. I leave the clothes draining, go back to the kid, scrub her down from head to toe, dry her off and get her re-diapered and re-dressed on the bathroom mat. Then I put her downstairs in her safe-zone. Then I grab the chlorox disinfecting wipes and go to work on anything the mess has touched like the change table. Then I take all my prewashed clothes straight down to the washing machine and get them going using tide with bleach, oxyclean and a stain pretreater if its really bad. Then I go back and deal with the bathroom, give that a chlorox wipe too and call it done!


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I take the baby and all his poopy stuff to the bathtub, strip the baby and put the poopy stuff in one end of the bathtub, then hose down the baby, dry, rediaper and dress, hand off to dad (or put him in the play yard if it's just me). Then I take all the poopy stuff out of the bathtub, and anything else (bedding, or changing pad cover) that got poop on it and wash on hot. I pre-spray anything visible.

That's pretty much it. As long as I wash stuff right away I don't get any lasting stains. If poop gets on furniture, or the floor, I use baby wipes. If it gets on the carpet I use standard carpet cleaner. I don't use bleach or other disinfectants.


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I have found that using Dreft stain remover works wonders. However this does take some elbow grease to get the stain out. I know some people tend to say you should use cold water, but I have found using hot water works better in my opinion. I sometimes let the clothes soak a long time before scrubbing them again and possibly repeating the process if the stain isn't full out. Then I just throw it in the wash! I like Dreft so much that I use it on my own clothes!!!


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I totally agree with Dreft and hot water instead of cold water. Except I don't do the soak part and it seems to come out in my wash, I do use warm water when I wash though so maybe that helps.

(02 Oct '09, 22:20) Sabrina
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