So my son is 20 months old, he usually sleeps all night, but for a while now when he wakes up he wakes up crying or screaming, asking for mom or dad. Sometimes during the night he also wakes up and cries for a minute and back to sleep.

I suspect that he is just not fully awake and has a hard time waking up, but not sure, any way, any recommendations on how to prevent it or make it pass faster ?

asked 03 Oct '09, 20:12

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Does your son go right back to sleep when you pick him up? If so, then he may be experiencing night terrors. My daughter and son both had them, and we'd go in and pick them up and as fast at they could wake up, they'd be trying to get out of our arms and back to bed.

If your son is experiencing night terrors there isn't a ton you can do to stop them. Just know that its worse for you than it is for him.


answered 03 Oct '09, 20:46

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He usually has a hard time "realizing" he is awake ;), but I see that it could be the night terrors. So nothing to do ?

(05 Oct '09, 17:42) webclimber

My first thought was night terrors too. If he was a good sleeper before and you have done nothing to change his routine, this is a likely explanation.


answered 04 Oct '09, 02:30

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Another possibility would be teething?? You can try giving him some Tylenol if he wakes up (if teething is a problem).


answered 04 Oct '09, 06:18

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