My wife and I are Bear Den leaders for our churches pack. Because of the BSAs "two deep leadership" policy we both have to be present for the whole meeting. That leaves our two sons (5 and 3) to hand out with us while we do scouting stuff (like taking photos in the back yard for the Photography elective). The problem is they tend to act like crazed animals and get in the way of everything (even when we try to involve them like having one hold up the small flag for the pledge). Sending them to their rooms or putting them in an extended time-out isn't what I want to do, since when they do behave they really like having the Scouts over. And reasoning with them won't work either (note the ages).

Any suggestions to help us make Den meeting something other than a toddler discipline clinic?

asked 03 Oct '09, 20:37

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Danno Ferrin
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Get other parents to help with the pack meetings. If there is another adult there, it should allow one of you to take your boys aside and deal with them. And the other parents need to know that just because you two are the den leaders, they are not off the hook for helping with the pack. There is plenty of work to go around and it is not out of line for you to ask that each parent take one or two meetings during the school year when they help out.

Or consider getting a baby sitter on the days you have pack meetings, particularly ones where the activities would be difficult to control your sons during.


answered 03 Oct '09, 23:37

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My concern isn't Pack meeting. The Pack Committie Chair runs the show and generally one of us stays home with the boys (rather than bring them). My question is for Den meeting, where it is just us and the 9yo bears.

(05 Oct '09, 01:04) Danno Ferrin

Sorry, I'm used to Girl Scout terminology and get confused with Cub Scouts. I was talking about the den meetings.

(05 Oct '09, 13:53) mkcoehoorn

smack em and tell em to sit down n shut up


answered 03 Oct '09, 22:55

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Scott ♦♦
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Your sons need to learn that the earth does not revolve around them and that sometimes they just need to stop trying to attract that attention.

Sit down with them and explain how their behaviour is affecting everyone else and make sure they understand. If they keep up with behaviour, a few sharp words and being sent to their rooms should come next.

When they start behaving themselves, make sure to give the right positive reinforcement


answered 04 Oct '09, 08:36

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What were the specific results of using this technique on your own children? (I think this answer has some good insight. I only ask because if this info was included, then the answer will be more personal, relevant, and persuasive.)

(04 Oct '09, 15:11) Scott ♦♦

Have you tried reasoning with a 3 year old? If I did this I may as well install a lock on their bedroom doors. Were they in at least kindergarten I would have more faith in this approach.

(05 Oct '09, 00:42) Danno Ferrin
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