Has anyone put their baby or toddler into professional modelling? How did you go about it? What are some good tips to get started? What warnings would you provide?

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I used to work as a photographer's assistant and the babies/toddlers loved to get their picture taken. It was mostly fun for everyone, but as the kids get older it does take on more of a "job" which can add a little pressure. I grew up somewhat near Hollywood and know lots of friends who are "actors," mostly extras, and they all really like it and started with modeling. It is pretty expensive and time consuming hobby though.

(04 Oct '09, 08:05) Sabrina

The key is to approach it like a hobby. Dressing your kid up and getting a check for their pictures can feel like easy money at first. try not to make a job out of it.

(04 Oct '09, 15:00) Rob Allen


I would not personally put my child into modeling, I think it would just emphasize to the child while they are growing up that looks are what counts. I would not want my child to grow up with physical appearance as the most important thing. I think this is something that should really be thought through and researched!


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It has been suggested to us more than once. I was more on board with the idea when our little guy was barely aware of his surroundings. As he gets older I am more protective about the quality of the childhood he'll have. I knew a kid when I was 12 who was a child model and his childhood was painfully secluded and dull. Scratches or bruises would have ruined his "career."

Couple that with dire warnings about scam artists bilking you for fees and never intending to actually represent you and it seems like more trouble than its worth.

If your baby is still in the luggage stage and you want to earn some college money for her, check the back pages of parenting magazines for the names of the agency/studios the magazine uses. That will help keep you clear of the scammers.


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My only advice to you is be careful. My brother put his daughter in every pageant he could find and they loved it for a while. They decided they need to stop when they could not take a picture of their daughter with out her striking a pose. She would be playing a camera would come out and she would be prancing and posing as if she was on stage. thats when they decided to stop.


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I have thought about putting my kids into it. I thought about trying some place local first and seeing how it goes.


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