We are going to be putting our daughters bedroom together in the next month or two in preparation to move her out of the nursery. Our second is due in 4 months roughly and we want to get our first transitioned smoothly. Everywhere I look are pink girly bedroom fiascos. I do NOT want a pink room for her. I want it interesting and calming for her but also educational and unique. Anyone have any suggestions on a theme or a design concept?

I should also add that I have a blank slate to work with, an empty room.

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I was also clear about not wanting a pink room, and also I was not too fond of the themed bedroom designed, because the majority of the concepts were very pink and too uniform.

I had the room painted an eggshell colour. On one wall I hand drew a large apple tree, with a leaves and red apples. We added some butterflies and some birds later as well. We added some furniture shelving, storage for toys and a small table and chair ( very reasonabley priced from ikea )

Then end result was an enchanting and pleasing room to both my daughter and to me, the room had turned out to be much more economical than what I had planned and more personalised.
I was able to add lighting, bedding and other accessories easily.

If you do not have the time and are not too creative there are plenty of removable stickers and wall muriels that are also available as decorating option www.fundecorforkids.com/c-125-view-all-girls-murals.aspx


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Yes, I totally agree that removable stickers are super cute if you are not able to paint your own, but I wanted to mention that they don't work as well (or look as cute) on walls that are textured (as we found out from my daughter's room). That is a great website, I have searched a lot of sites for these removable stickers and this one looks like it has a much bigger variety of creative ideas.

(05 Oct '09, 21:06) Sabrina

This is more specific to your situation: but when decorating the new room and moving your daughter in, try to involve her in the process - show her the progress each day and tidy up to allow her to play in it briefly and often. We found that by the time the room was finished, our daughter was more than happy to move into her new room.

Focus the time on making the room special for her, so that she doesn't feel as though she's being moved out of the Nursery to make way for the new baby.

On topic - we went pink, in 2 different shades to contrast well - as she's into pink in a big way! The carpet itself is a neutral sandy colour, so that if we eventually re-decorate, we won't have to replace it. Then we added large butterfly stickers for detail.


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+1 Great ideas ! The choice of contrasting pinks and neutral carpet sounds really individual!

(29 Apr '10, 22:31) Emi

I have seen a few Dr. Seuss rooms lately. You can do bright colors and have some educational things on the wall. Dr. Seuss and words go together great!

rate my space has a bunch of cool ideas


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We did a half-and-half pastel yellow and lavender-ish purple room, separated with a wallpaper border that complemented those colors and had drawings of ladybugs, butterflies, flowers, and bees. Not a boy's room, but also not an overtly girly room, either.

We are fairly careful about introducing certain brand-name characters into her environment and feeding those machines. Having said that, though, I'd personally have no issues with Dr. Seuss (I grew up reading Dr. Seuss, and read Dr. Seuss to my daughter now).

I don't think "educational" was high on our list for decorating the room, and our daughter learns so quickly that such decorations would have lost their value quickly, but we have lots of books, creative things (she loves little things and never really put things into her mouth), and the like available to her.


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Punky Brewster had the coolest girls bedroom ever.

..or an idea I've been toying with for a while is Cirque du Soleil. The colours they use are warm and mysterious. I always thought it would feel like living in a forest but still being inside.. Also check out 'In the night garden' from the BBC.. I truly think my 1 year old was going to climb into the television and go there - really good for nurturing the imagination. Basically lots of warm deep greens, blues, and purples or reds.


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I often wonder at how the narrator managed to do his job with a straight face. Makka Pakka, Akka Wakka, Mikka Makka moo!

(03 May '10, 11:24) Benjol

The narrator is Sir Derek Jacobi, who I believe could read Dr. Suess in complete dramatic form without cracking a smile if he wanted too.

(07 May '10, 07:12) Neen

We just had an accident in our house and broke a 6 ft x 3 ft huge framed mirror. We were going to take it to the dump yesterday but then decided to break all the mirror out of the frame and paint the wood backing with chalkboard paint. I am going to hang it in her new room, inches off the floor and let her make weekly artistic chalk creations - should be fun!


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I hope nobody got cut by the glass!

(05 Oct '09, 17:06) Scott ♦♦

Good idea, shame about the mirror, but I am sure the chalkboard will go down well and encourgae creativity for your daughter.

(05 Oct '09, 19:01) Emi

Nope, no one was hurt at all thank goodness!

(06 Oct '09, 03:01) dreamerisme

When my husband painted our girls rooms we tried to remember that every color has a " Purpose or a meaning" for example the color red energizes, encourages creativity, increase breathing, and appetite, and enhance the sense of smell. the color Blue calms, promotes a sense of well being, reduces perspiration, and reduces appetite. Our girls wanted to share a room so the toy room has bright pink and and light pink ( Which they choose) and the room they sleep in is done in two shades of Blue. They still love the rooms and they have had them this way for 3 yrs now.


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Look at Pottery Barn Kids . . . super cute ideas!!! Check it out!


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I based my daughter's room off a fleece VeggieTales blanket that I made her. I painted the walls "Larry the Cucumber" green (the real name of the paint color is Behr's Little Mermaid) with a mint green "oops" paint for the trim. Then I got some bright "Bob the Tomato" red curtains from Wal-Mart for her room. She loved it. I can pretty much guarantee you, there is not another room like it.


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My mom's church has Veggie Tales themed nursery, very cute for a boy or a girl. :)

(05 Oct '09, 21:00) Sabrina

Ikea has some nice and affordable childrens bedrooms.

Personally I'd just take some with furniture, and make colors with wallstickers, bedsheets, toy animals etc etc


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