My god-daughter turns 2 this weekend and I am out of ideas for gifts for her. Any ideas?

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My daughter is 27 months and she got a lovely selection of toys, including a full kitchen and utensils etc. Books, dolls and clothes even anything from drawing/painting etc or playdough. A lot of her toys were for 3 year olds plus as 2 year old plus were sometimes a little too young for her. She loves looking after her dolls and taking their clothes off as she's starting to realise that she is no longer the baby.


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I like to give gift cards from Chapters. Although some think that might be impersonal, alot of my friends like when books are given as gifts to their kids on special occasions (one even requested in a birthday invitations) which I think is brilliant. However, I never know what books they have and don't have and they also enjoy the experience of taking the kids to the bookstore and letting them choose books they like :)


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I also love to give books as gifts. Although my daughter is only a year old she loves her books.

(18 Sep '09, 00:24) Tammy ♦♦

Doll play - sling, stroller, clothes

Kitchen play - wood cutting fruit,wood tea set, wood kitchen utensils. Plan toys makes some excellent stuff



answered 17 Sep '09, 19:11

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Both of my two year old nieces are in love with everything Disney Princess!! Any princess movies or if you have the extra money to spend, go to the Disney Store and pick out one of the actual princess dresses! My nieces wear them all the time and they even have matching tiaras and flashing high heeled shoes to complete the outfit. The dresses run around $30-50 USD.


answered 24 Sep '09, 03:39

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My daughter has just turned two and a couple of things not mentioned above that she loves are dress ups (skirts, headbands and wings), hairties and small bags(to carry her new presents in).


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Some educational toys made by Leap Frog are really great gifts. They always seem to be a big hit with the kids! You can find them at Target or Walmart.


answered 26 Sep '09, 06:19

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Melissa and Doug toys are also great. I sell a selction of their range here in South Africa, imported from America, and they are ALWAYS a hit with my moms. Check out Their quality is great and very user freindly. especially the wooden Play food sets and classic toys. And not its not an advertising pitch.... just a product I love.


answered 14 Apr '10, 16:14

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