What are some good activities to do with your kids?

I'm thinking the answers to this question could be a really good resource for all of us. Please enter the activity, and the age of the children it would apply to.

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John MacIntyre
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Some of these have been addressed in other questions.

Indoor Sports

Entertaining a 6-9 month old

We can focus on activities for older ages?


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Thanks DLCmommy. I was thinking this could be for any age. I've got a preschool & elementary aged kids right now, but they might grow. ;-)

(06 Oct '09, 21:27) John MacIntyre

With my 4 year old:

Math (basic addition/subtraction)

Coloring pages

"Unit studies" on whatever animal he is interested in (polar bears, giraffes, etc.)

Spelling with magnets on his magnetic board


Playing games (Uno, Go Fish, Candyland)

Reading together

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answered 07 Oct '09, 02:11

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Starfall is a great Website

(07 Oct '09, 02:26) Mary

We have a 21 month old boy and he is VERY active. Here are some of the activities we do with him to let him get his energy out:

  1. Go to the park and let him play, play, play!
  2. Go to a local bookstore for story time/music time. This allows him to interact with other children and get used to following simple instructions.
  3. Coloring/Painting, with lots of stickers.
  4. Play any kind of sport . . . mostly soccer and basketball.
  5. Puzzles
  6. Read Books
  7. Swimming
  8. Playdates with other children, one of his favorites.
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answered 07 Oct '09, 06:41

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Melissa 1
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We've done the storytime/music time thing to. They have free programs at the public libraries in our area, and she has loved it.

(07 Oct '09, 23:40) Tammy ♦♦


Ages: 4-8

Oobleck is a mixture of corn starch and water. It is a non-Newtonian fluid and is just plain cool! (trying to curb my enthusiasm here)

The sudden application of force... trying to jam your fingers into it or slapping it with a spoon for example... results in the fluid behaving more like a SOLID than a liquid. If you treat it "gentle" however it behaves like a liquid.

Slowly inserting a spoon into it and then trying to quickly jerk it out will once again make it behave like a solid... ripping a chunk out only to see it "melt" back into liquid goo.

I've also seen this on college campuses where students have filled a small pool or tank with it. A person running and stepping hard with their feet can literally walk across it... if they stop and stand they'll sink right into it.

Once of the VERY nice things about it though is that its easy to make and easy to clean up as when it dries its nothing more than corn starch powder.

Materials Needed

  • 1 1/2 C. Corn Starch
  • 1 C. Water
  • Food Color (optional)

Mix the ingredients and allow children to play with the mixture.

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answered 08 Oct '09, 06:52

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+1 That sounds totally awesome.

(09 Oct '09, 00:18) John MacIntyre

there is music and Movement It is music that has motion to go with the music. That can help with Large motor skills and Following direction.

You can do Puzzles that works on hand Eye coordination and fine motor.

My personal favorite and all of classes so fars favorite is Finger Painting with Chocolate pudding. They kids get to see you mix it up or even help you then they get to put a big spoon full of pudding at their place, then they can " Paint" with it all over their place you can work on letters, number, pre-writing skills. While you play let them lick their fingers start talking to your kids with Question like..... How does it feel?., Smell, taste, what does it look like? Can have great conversations with your kids while playing with pudding.

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answered 06 Oct '09, 23:52

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We have a 13 month old. These are some of the things we do together.

  • Listen to music (or sing) and dance around. She loves music and moving to music.
  • Go to the park and play in the grass or on the swings.
  • Play with her mega blocks and Play Kitchen. At 13 months she's into cause and effect type of play, putting things together, taking them apart, throwing them down the stairs, opening and closing doors etc...
  • There is a play gym that we love to go to. For a small fee (it was better when she was under 1) there is an area for babies with mats and foam structures where you can climb, roll around on, or go through tunnels. There's also another area with a huge playstructure for older children. Since my daughter loves this place, I did some research when we were travelling and found that most of the cities we were going to had something similar.
  • This fall we're going to go to a pumpkin patch
  • She loves to swim, in the summer we took her to wading pools, and she does swim lessons through her daycare
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answered 07 Oct '09, 00:25

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play doh never fails!


answered 23 Aug '16, 22:35

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I engage my in doing different activities were they have lot of fun while doing.

1) Constructing building or something with the blocks

2) we go for swimming and cycling

3) Finger painting

4) we plant trees

5) I put colored tape on the floor so that my kids play race games with the toy cars

6) Target something with the sponges

7) Coloring pages of different things like cartoon, animals, vegetables or any other with the crayons. Recently I have downloaded few monster high coloring pages from this site. It was a great time in coloring those sheets with my LO. http://www.momjunction.com/articles/monster-high-coloring-pages_00351846/

8)Paint on wet glue with food coloring

9) Here are the few other activities that you can do with your LO http://planningwithkids.com/2010/03/30/10-activities-to-do-at-home-with-the-kids/


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Coloring pages is something which you should enjoy with your kids on weekends. Moreover, Its Fun learning. Coloring pages of different things like cartoon, animals, vegetables or any other with the crayons. Recently I have downloaded few paw patrol coloring pages from this site. It was a great time in coloring those sheets http://colorzini.com/paw-patrol-coloring-pages/


answered 08 Aug '16, 04:35

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