I keep hitting resistance in using this site.

I've answered Any helpful tips to avoid shouting?, but couldn't add the book cover image to my answer.

And I created a new question What are some good activities to do with your kids?, but wasn't allowed to create appropriate tags.


I did check the FAQ, but did not find the answers to this specific questions.

Specifically, how much rep do I need to perform the following?

  1. Add an image to my question or answer?
  2. Create tags?
  3. Add more than one hyperlink to an answer or question?
  4. Answer more than 1 querstion per 20 minute interval?


EDIT: FYI-Found this related Question / Suggestion on the meta site; Change “new users can’t do X” to “you need Y rep to do X”

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John MacIntyre
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Hello John. First, thanks for joining us. Your eagerness to contribute is admirable! :)

Moms4mom is a "StackExchange" site and is not directly affiliated with StackOverflow. However, it is based on a branch of the software that Fog Creek took and decided to develop as a "software as a service". Currently the software is in beta, and certainly all of the issues are not worked out of it. Also, reputation is not transferable between sites, and there is no mechanism to give you a 100 reputation bonus for linking your accounts like you can with the StackOverflow trilogy.

I see that you have significant reputation on StackOverflow. If you have been there a while, you may not realize that over time they added a significant amount of "rate limiting" to the software for new user accounts especially. This was done to manage spam and make the site more manageable. Jeff Atwood mentioned the need for this, either in his blog or in the StackOverflow blog, I can't exactly remember. As a new user here, you are subject to many restrictions, but those are quickly lifted as reputation is earned. The faq has a list of some of the reputation benefits, but not all of them. As StackExchange administrators, even we are not fully aware of all the inner workings of the software. However, there is a meta site where in-depth questions like this are encouraged.

If you have specific questions or concerns, particularly technical ones, feel free to contact me at scott {at} moms4mom.com and I'll be happy to help you. In the mean time, I think you will find that it's relatively straightforward to earn enough reputation to lift most of the early limitations you've been experiencing. It is a necessary evil to have a few barriers in place to keep the site manageable.


At least 15 rep to:

  • add an image to a question
  • add more than one (1) URL to the post

At least 100 rep to:

  • pose more than one question every 20 minutes
  • answer more than one question every 2 minutes

At least 250 rep to:

  • create new tags

(Copied from this answer by Alphabet Soup)


answered 06 Oct '09, 22:13

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Scott ♦♦
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Thanks for the response Scott. Sorry about the rant. I've reworded the question to be a bit less stressed. But in all sincerity, do you know the answer to my question? Or should I push this to the meta site? thx.

(07 Oct '09, 01:17) John MacIntyre

@John MacIntyre: I've asked it for you (I can't turn down a chance to get rep on meta ;) : http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/891/how-much-reputation-is-necessary-to-perform-these-actions

(07 Oct '09, 01:25) Scott ♦♦

Thanks Scott. The answer you recieved from Meta looks great. Would you mind editing your answer so everyone will see it? Thanks.

(07 Oct '09, 01:41) John MacIntyre

@John MacIntyre: Done, and will add the extra info to the faq as well. Thanks.

(07 Oct '09, 01:59) Scott ♦♦

You can start asking and answering questions right away. But you have to accumulate certain amounts of rep to do certain other things, like creating tags. For a full break down of what the rep requirements are check the FAQ. There's a list there of when different abilities become available.

To get rep, other users have to upvote your questions and answers, or the poster of a question has to accept your answer. 10 points for each upvote doesn't seem like much, but the better your answer/question the more upvotes you get and it quickly adds up.


answered 06 Oct '09, 21:49

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