My 8 year old is in the 3rd grade. From January to the end of 2nd grade he was getting in trouble at school for major temper tantrums, not sitting still, not doing his work etc. We tried grounding, taking things away, long talks etc. He was getting into physical fights as well. This was very shocking to me as at home he is a very loving and well behaved child. Never any problems with homework and he is extremly bright (grade 5 reading level in french immersion). This school year started out very well until last week he got really angry (enough for the teacher to be concerned to write to me) because he didn't have a $1 for popcorn. He has other "odd" tendancies, never sits still (hasn't since he was little), loud noices bother him, certain clothes feel weird on him, he gets headaches and his body aches. These are just a few things. His younger brother was diagnosed with Autism 2 years ago as well. Has anyone had any experience with this. All summer there were no issues until a week before school started. I don't think he's bullied but I do think he is over sensitive to anything. We're waiting for the pediatrician but would really like to know if anyone has had this same type of behaviours?

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Does your school have a Learning Support Teacher, School counsellor, or School Psychologist? It would be worth talking about these things with them until you get in to see the pediatrician. They would have experience with kids who have experienced similar problems and may be able to provide some answers or support for you.

EDIT: A response to your second post.

All school boards ( in North America) should have a psychologist on staff whose responsibility it would be to do these types of assessments. If not hired directly by the board then there is one they contract out to. I would ask them directly. In the US they must have someone to conduct assessment due to the No Child Left Behind Legistlation. Or in plain language look here.


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I was a case supervisor for children with autism and have had a lot of experience in this field. The first thing I would tell you to do was get your son evaluated. I live in California and they have a Regional Center where you can evaluations done and then provide you services. I don't know what kind of services there are where you live, but I would check it out! I am not saying that he has autism by any means but it would be nice for you and your son to be able to rule that out if that is not the case. Another suggestions is maybe you could go observe your son at school for a day and see what sets him off. It could be that his behaviors come when he is in larger crowds and he is possibly over stimulated.


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I don't think that they have a Psychologist or even a councellor for that matter. The teachers so far have been really good communicators with me. I have been asking my doctor since he was 3 but all they would say was that he was "hyper". When I talk with the therapist for my youngest son, they're surprised he's never been tested for anything. Most times, the doctors are just thinking I'm over reacting but yet didn't think that when I knew something was "off" with my youngest. He was diagnosed within 2 months of me voicing concerns. Thanks for the advise. I am going tomorrow to the doctor for myself and am going to ask her to resubmit the referrel to the pediatrician.


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As the mother, I think you are right to keep being persistant with your concerns. It sounds like you are in a private school with no psychologist. Or if you are in a public school there would be a psychologist, but they usually reside at the district office and don't always have an office at the actual school. In case you were not aware, there are variations of Autism, one in particular called Aspergers. I think the most important thing is not necessairaly a diagnosis, but that you have recognized your son's issues and can now attempt to work with the teachers to take steps forward to work on these behaviors. It might be a good idea to schedule a meeting with the teacher to go over these behaviors and come up with a group plan on how to handle these issues when they come up in the classroom.


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