I need a good mop. I'm using it on tile and on laminate flooring. I want something that won't breed bacteria, will mop the floor quickly and easily, and won't leave lots of streaks. Also, I'm looking for ideas for a good chemical-free cleaning solution (is water and vinegar the standard?) Thanks for any suggestions!

asked 07 Oct '09, 21:33

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Hi Emily. There is another question and answer site called "A Curious Home" where you might have more luck finding an answer to a question like this (in case you don't get an answer to your satisfaction below): http://www.acurioushome.com/

(07 Oct '09, 23:18) Scott ♦♦

"Swiffer"'s are nice brands for quick cleanups, dust and dirt etc. They are not really meant for large spills. Quick cleanup and disposable pads to keep the bacteria from breeding.

Be careful on the laminates with the cleaning products. A lot of the flooring companies ask for specific products (prob because they want you to buy their brand) and/or instruct not to use certain chemicals.


answered 07 Oct '09, 21:47

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I also like to use the Swiffer brand.

(07 Oct '09, 23:34) Tammy ♦♦

One more for the Swiffer . . . at least for smaller spills!

(08 Oct '09, 00:03) Melissa 1

and another for the Swiffer Brands

(08 Oct '09, 03:30) Mary

I've found the common cloth mop that's used by janitors everywhere to be quite effective. The replacement mop heads are relatively cheap. I use hot water and vinegar personally. It seems to do a competent job.


answered 07 Oct '09, 23:17

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And yes, I do actually have that wringer bucket.

(07 Oct '09, 23:17) bbrown

I would personally not use any chemicals on my floors while by babies are crawling and mouthing things off the floor. You never know what chemicals are going to damage them. Vinegar and water is an excellent cleaner and I use that most of the time. Every once in a while I will use my steam mop which only uses water but sterilizes the floor. Between those 2 methods my floors look good and I don't worry at all.


answered 09 Oct '09, 02:52

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What is a steam mop? That sounds interesting and I'd love to know where to get one.

(09 Oct '09, 03:09) Emily

A steam mop uses steam and an absorbent, washable cloth pad to clean. Ours is similar to the one here (http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=steam+mop&cid=6728802816412981846). We've only used it on the tile portions of our home, though, as we're not sure what repeated steam-cleaning would do to our laminate floors.

(09 Oct '09, 03:19) dave0

I have used mine on laminate repeatedly with no damage at all but our floors are new and are sealed well. Steam mops can be usually found in Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Rona, etc - not sure what country you are in but any big box store that carries mops and vacuums usually has them.

(10 Oct '09, 02:37) dreamerisme

I think the best mop is you... Getting on your hands and knees and washing the floor by hand. I haven't had any luck with mops. You have to really scrub hard and sometimes you still can't get the floor real clean. And mops do horrible in the corners or by trim. I have a swiffer for a quick clean but that's it.


answered 08 Oct '09, 18:48

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