This is the first year I am concerned about having our fireplace because we now have a 13 month old who is crawling all over and almost walking. I would ideally like to teach him "no, hot, don't touch," but I am concerned about the times where he may escape my eyesight this winter since I'm used to our house being "child-proofed." I'm not sure I want to attach a gate to each side of the wall of our fireplace and I'm afraid he may just push over one of the free standing fireplace gates. I'm looking for suggestions of what works best to keep my son safe from our fireplace.

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We have a wire fireguard which goes round our fireplace... we haven't had any problems with it being pushed over. In fact, it has hooks at the edges, so that you could screw appropriate bits into the wall to keep it more firmly attached. We haven't needed those, but we only moved to this house when our kids were a bit older. We've generally been surprised by how well the fireguard has worked though.

Here's the fireguard itself:

alt text

And here's one of the clips on the side:

alt text

As you can see, it's a reasonably large fireplace, which probably helps with the stability...


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What kind of store did you buy this fireplace guard? I haven't ever seen anything like this before. We have a step around our fireplace, I wonder if this will still work. Do they have different kinds of these fireplace guards? I'll try to get my husband to attach a picture of our fireplace.

(09 Oct '09, 05:41) Sabrina

I bought it from a friend in fact... I don't know where she got it I'm afraid. It may also be a regional thing - I'm in the UK.

(09 Oct '09, 09:50) Jon Skeet

I think it really depends on whether you have a gas or wood fireplace as the wood kind are a lot more dangerous due to the embers. If you have gas I think a free standing curved guard would work just fine but if you have wood you might need to attach something more securely. Again with gas you don't have to be as careful with the heat they put off but wood can get scortching hot and turn your guard into an element. I would recommend going to a fireplace store and asking them - afterall they are experts and they are likely to have the safest protectors on the market.


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We have a gas fireplace. They have fireplace stores?! Wow, I'll have to check that out to see if there is one near us.

(09 Oct '09, 05:39) Sabrina
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