If you could give one piece of advice to a new parent, what would it be? What is the one thing you have learned as a parent, that you wish someone had told you before your child was born?

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@Mungo and Dads in general.

The birth can/will be mostly horrible (okay, I know its not a walk in the park for the mum as well ;) ). For my first two I felt like a spare part for almost the entire time. (My third, although the worst labour, was easiest for me, mostly I think because we had a male midwife who actually spoke to me. Something the other midwives didn't seem to want to do.)

Anyway, my advice is try not to let it bother you. Your wife/girlfriend is most likely going to horrible to you, the midwives will ignore you, and you can watch someone you love being in pain. Go with it though. Your wife/girlfriend will almost certainly be glad you are there, and you will be as well.

More general point.
Once you get to the point of requiring discipline, never act while angry. Always stop and think first, will you actually carry out your threatened punishment? Also, try and keep house rules simple so that small children can understand them and enforce them consistently.

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answered 04 Nov '09, 13:26

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Try not to get too concerned with routine - do your best but don't be affraid to wing it. No parent is perfect (no matter how much they present a perfect picture) and behind closed doors we are all the same, just trying to do our best with what we've got.

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answered 15 Oct '09, 02:31

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